Engage Consult

Engage Consult is an online communication service. You can use this messaging service to ask for help about a non-emergency medical problem or for general advice from your doctor or other members of the Latham House team.

By signing up to use this service, you can get advice from Latham House Medical Practice without having to visit or telephone the surgery. Engage Consult can be used from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

You will need to have an email address to sign up.

When you first visit the site please follow the ‘Sign up’ Instructions on the site. Once signed up you will be registered for this service.


Online consultations do not replace being able to meet your doctor, but give another option when a trip to the Surgery is not necessary.

We will reply with an answer to your question and tell you what you should do next.

Blood Pressure Home Monitoring :

You may be asked by your GP to monitor your blood pressure at home prior to an appointment. Please complete the form provided here as part of this assessment

Read our ‘How To’ Guides for using Engage Consult online

Read our Patient guide for how to sign up for online consultations

Read our Patient guide for how to send an online message to our Practice

Read our guide to Engage Consult for Carers

Coronavirus (Covid-19) & Flu Clinic

Eligible patients should call 119 to book their first dose Covid-19 vaccination. Please do not call the Practice about first dose COVID vaccinations.
It is essential that we continue to follow local restrictions as well as public health advice.
Please do not attend the Practice unless you have been asked to.