Practice Performance: Monthly figures

Patient Questions

We aim to be open and honest about our performance and will answer all patient questions on this topic.

Here is a great question from Richard on Twitter on 14th October 2021 regarding September figures:

Q: GP appointments how many of the 291 per day are face to face and how many are telephone ?

A: We are now able to provide this data within the report going forward. It is now the patient choice for the type of routine consultation they would prefer.

Here’s a great request from Carol L on Facebook on 14th October 2021

Q:Please include the average wait, on hold, time on the phone to your stats.

A: Yes we will, Thank you for your feedback

Here is a great questions from Richard on Twitter on 9th September 2021 regarding August 2021 figures:

Q: GP appointments per day 251 = approx 15 per day per doctors on the board at main entrance what is the full capacity how many patients can a doctor see in one day please

A: The vast majority of our GPs do not work full time; we work in sessions (half days) with NHS England using 9 sessions per week as the number of sessions for a full time GP. 

In total we had 113 sessions of GP time employed in August.   Divided by 9 this gives 12. 55 whole-time equivalent (WTE) doctors.  This would then equate to 251appts/ 12.55 = 20 appts per day.

In August, we wrote to all of our patients to explain our short term and temporary limited clinician availability throughout the summer. This is evident in the month of August where we actually were only able to provide 338 sessions. 

There were 21 working days in August so this is 338 / 21 = 16 sessions per day, 8.00 WTE average per day.  This gives us 251 appts / 8.00 = average of 31 appointments per day.  This is, in theory, just over 5 hours per day of direct patient contact. In addition to this, general Practitioners also complete other clinical work at the end of surgery which include responding to specific patient queries and processing urgent blood results to name just a few of the essential daily tasks.  The general consensus in General Practice is that GPs should have 33% of their time allocated for non patient contact to deal with results, reports, referrals etc. 

Here’s a question from Diane on FaceBook on 9th September 2021 regarding August 2021 figures::

Q: What about the number of appointments they cancel, oh no figures for that!

A: In August we cancelled 408 appts out of 16,742; so 2.4%.

Some of these will have been moved to a different time slot on the same day; others will have been given rescheduled to another date / time.

We only cancel appts when we have last minute staff absence – usually as a result of sickness.  We do everything we can to accommodate affected patients on the same day. Due to short term clinician availability in the month of August this was not always possible and a new date and time were offered.

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