Latham House Medical Practice is the largest single group practice in the country. We are the only practice serving the market town of Melton Mowbray in Leicester and the surrounding area.

Latham House Medical Practice was established in 1931, it's aim is to provide as many services as possible, by a wide range of clinicians, to their patients, from within their premises. The Practice encourages their clinicians to have specialist areas of interest and we still believe the best services we can offer to patients is by doctors holding registered lists, so that patients can forge long lasting relationships with the doctor of their choice.


Booking on-line Appointments:

REGISTERED DOCTOR: You are able to book a routine appointment with your registered doctor, however, if you are registered with a doctor who has a shared list, then you will only see one of the doctors.

HEALTH CARE ASSISTANTS: Jo and Debbie -These appointments are for ROUTINE blood tests ONLY, which have been requested by your doctor or via a letter from Latham House.  These bookings are strictly for ROUTINE BLOOD TESTS ONLY, please do not book yourself in for any other medical issue, the HCA's will not be able to attend to these and a valuable appointment will be wasted.

MAGGIE, SALLY AND LYNDSEY: For our Diabetic  patient reviews ONLY.

If encountering any problems with the online booking system, please email

Friends & Family Test

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  • - Your response to the first question contributes to our Friends and Family test score. Which is shared with the public.
  • - Your response to the second (and any subsequent) question may be published, for example as part of a patient experience report.
You can also give us feedback on some specific services we offer, by clicking on the Friends and Family tab at the top of this page.

Contact Details

Tel: 01664 503000
Fax: 01664 501825

For deaf or hard of hearing patients please call 0845 606 4647 for the text phone service

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
Out of Hours Duty Doctor08:00 - 08:30
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