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How to see your Doctor

Urgent Appointments

If you think you have an urgent medical problem for which you cannot wait for a routine appointment with your doctor, the receptionist will arrange for you to be seen and assessed by one of our specially trained nurses. They can meet most requirements of patients who need to be seen urgently and, if you require urgent intervention by a doctor, this will be arranged for you, or if you need to be seen routinely by your doctor, this will also be arranged for you.

This system of handling urgent requests enables the doctors to plan their appointments for their patients benefit, ensuring they have enough time for pre-booked appointments, and enables access to a GP within 48 hours.

Routine appointments

Routine appointments for patients can be booked by the receptionists, in person, or on your doctors appointment line. We feel that, wherever possible, it is best for you to see the doctor with whom you are registered, as they know you and your problems.

For appointments please telephone the following number: 01664 503000

Our receptionists are available to help you between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm Monday to Friday

Appointment Booking on-line

If you have registered for Patient Access (formerly EMIS Access), you can book a routine appointment with your registered GP or a routine blood test with one of our phlebotomists. For our Diabetic Patients, we can now offer routine on-line appointments with Maggie Bodington or Lyndsey Robinson.Please refer to the link on the left hand pane ” Book an appointment on-line”. If you haven’t yet registered for Patient Access, please refer to our link “What’s required to use our on-line facility” for further help.

Urgent Care Clinics - DAILY - this is for patients who have an urgent need to be seen - all routine matters should wait for a routine appointment with your usual doctor.