Cancel Your Appointment

We urge our patients to cancel their appointments if they are no longer required, or if they are unable to attend. This will ensure that we will be able to offer those appointments to other patients who need them and will help to reduce waiting times.

The number of missed appointments at Latham House Medical Practice averages around 800 every month, a shocking statistic that is exacerbated during the winter months when we typically face an increase in patient demand for appointments.

Known as ‘Did Not Attends’, missed appointments have a huge impact on the health economy, prevent other patients from being seen and waste the time of ever-stretched doctors and nurses.

In order to help make cancelling appointments you no longer need or are unable to attend easier, we are delighted to introduce a new 24 hour cancellation service.

Simply dial 01664 503027 and follow the instructions to cancel your appointment.

No waiting in a queue

No waiting until we are open

Forgetting to cancel your appointment if you no longer need it prevents someone else from being seen.

Thank you

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Prescription queries can not be dealt with in person at the Practice. Please telephone our prescription team or email [email protected]


We are inviting eligible patients to attend our COVID Booster clinics at the Practice.


Find out more or book your COVID vaccinations HERE.

Please continue to wear face coverings in healthcare settings. 


Do not attend the Practice if you have Covid-19 symptoms.


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