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To book any of the clinics below, please ask for:

  • Family planning (Open Clinic) Hypertension (Open Clinic) Diabetes (Diabetic Clinic)
  • Coronary heart disease (Healthy Heart Clinic) Asthma (Asthma Clinic) Lifestyle screening (Open Clinic)
  • Child health surveillance ( Your registered Doctor) Counselling (Referral by a Clinician)
  • Cervical smears (Open Clinic) Immunisations (Imm and Vacc Clinic) Liquid nitrogen (Referral by a Clinician)
  • Travel clinic (Travel Clinic) Travellers must complete a risk assessment form before we can arrange an appointment. Click Here Blood pressure ( Open Clinic) Minor surgery (Referral by a Clinician)
  • Eye clinic (Referral by a Clinician) Menopause (Open Clinic)

Chat Clinic (Confidential Health Advice for Teenagers)
Clinic times are: Wednesday 4pm-5pm, no appointment necessary. For our practice CHAT Brochure, please click here

Information on services for our younger patients please click here

IAC Clinics (Immediate Access Clinic)
If you require an urgent ‘same day’ appointment, you will be offered an appointment with the Immediate Access Nurse. She will be able to manage most same day demand requests for medical intervention. Should you need to see a GP, she will arrange this for you, according to your clinical requirements, either urgently today or in a routine appointment.

Information on Long Term Conditions
Please click the link

Melton Borough Council link to youth homeless and prevention
Please click the link

Teaching Practice

The Practice currently teaches a range of professionals within our premises ( registrars, nurses and healthcare assistants). Occasionally, you will be asked if you are happy for another professional to be present during your consultation, or if you object to the consultation being recorded on our video equipment. The training we offer is invaluable to these professionals and we hope that you will be happy supporting their education. Consultations cannot be recorded without your consent. We hope that you will consent, when asked, but your care will not be affected if you refuse to do so.


We are committed to addressing the specific needs of carers, offering help and support wherever appropriate and practicable. If you think you are a carer, please let us know so we can update your records. (The practice has a form you can complete). For further information on carers, please click these links HERE (County Council website) and HERE

Disabled patients

We try to offer parking spaces for our less able patients in our car park and also place chairs with arms in our waiting rooms. We have two disabled toilet facilities within Latham House and one at Asfordby. Should you find our facilities are inadequate to meet your requirements, please speak to a member of staff or leave a suggestion in our suggestions box.

Primary healthcare team

The Practice is supported by a wide range of other health professionals in the community. In some instances your GP might need to refer you to them, and in others you can refer yourself. Please talk to a member of staff, if you need advice on how to contact the health visitors, district nurses, community psychiatric nurses or Macmillan nurse.

Dental problems

Dental emergencies cannot be managed within the doctors’ surgery. If you are registered with a dentist, you will need to contact them when you have an emergency. If you are not registered with a dentist, please telephone NHS Direct 111, who will advise you on where to seek treatment.

FLU APPOINTMENTS NOW BEING TAKEN FOR ALL OUR AT RISK PATIENTS. PLEASE TELEPHONE 01664 503000 TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT. Prescription changes coming October, please see NEWS tab for more info.