New Travel Clinic



All patients who require immunisations for travel purposes will now need to complete a patient questionnaire ideally six to eight weeks before your date of travel so we can offer you an appointment schedule appropriate to your travel plans.

Please pick up this questionnaire from a

member of staff


Download them here:

And return your risk assessment form to us as soon as possible, in person, or post in our external post box.

We will aim to contact you within one week to schedule your appointment(s).

If we cannot accommodate your request prior to your travel date, we will be able to offer you advice on where else you can acquire your travel vaccinations.


Please do not call the Practice about first dose COVID vaccinations. Eligible patients should call 119.

Your GP Practice is unable to issue a COVID vaccination certification. Please visit for further information. Proof of your vaccination status will also be available on the NHS app.

Please do not attend the Practice unless you have been asked to, we continue to follow Covid-19 guidance for Primary Care settings.

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