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Thinking about your recent visit to your GP Practice.

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On the main front page below the Friends and Family form….could it have “You can also give us feedback on some specific services we offer, by clicking on the Friends and Family tab at the top of this page.



Measles is extremely infectious and can be serious. If you have symptoms of measles, please stay at home and phone your GP or NHS 111 for advice. STAY AWAY from GP surgeries and A&E departments – you could spread the illness to others.

Go to for more measlesinformationUK.



In response to patient feedback relating to appointment availability and difficulties with contacting us on the phone, we have introduced a new Clinical Patient Triage system .

This means every medical enquiry is triaged by one of our GPs first.

Patient Triage is a set of simple questions completed by the patient or receptionist to help us find the right appointment, support or advice for you at the right time. You can get in touch with us online at or via the NHS App.

Please contact us by phone for urgent concerns


Please contact the team direct by calling 01664 503000 and select the Prescriptions team option or email the team direct at [email protected]




Mask wearing guidance has changed for healthcare settings.  Staff will be required to wear face masks in clinical areas.

Patients are advised to wear a face mask when attending the Practice.


Thank you


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